Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hero Of The Week

This weeks hero is the legendary
Ray Charles, hes this weeks hero because of his amazing musical talent
Well done Ray well done ......


Last nite she said Oh baby I feel so down
When you turn me off
When I feel left out
So I, I turned round
Oh baby don't care no more
I know this for sure I'm walking out that door

Well I've been in town for just about fifteen minutes now
And baby I feel so down
And I don't know why
I've been walking for miles

And people they don't understand
Your girlfriends they can't understand
Your grandsons they won't understand
On top of this I ain't ever gonna understand!!!
Long Live The YoYo

A time of reflection is needed, just a thought that maybe i would like a YoYo and then maybe lots of other people would like a YoYo like mine to.. Thus starting the YoYo Phase again
O long live YoYo.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

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Friday, January 07, 2005

falis's Thoughts Of The Day

Ben got angry because we took away his food.

Gary never got found out because he had food.

Quite dissapointed that you and richard didnt play football at break.

Ive gone off the smell of milk.

Its a a game of two halfs.

Interview With The Great "Sam White"

Im Damien Carpenter your host for today on """Interview With The Greats""".
we are joined here today by up and coming actor/comedian Samuel White!! (claps)

Hello sam weclome to the show

Hi Damien its a pleasure to be here

So how are things going with yourself, what have you been doing recently?

Yeh im really good actually, ive recently been involved in a small theatre production where all the profits are going straight to charity

Thats excellent a real kind gesture, which charity may i ask?

Its for the charity CAFOD

Oh right really

Yah Really

So moving backward a few weeks, before christmas you were involved in a production, which by the way was rather good. In this production you played a pervy character whoes chatup lines were well lets say rather gastly and very sexist.
Ive heard from real life sources that this is a portrayl of yourself ? do you find yourself perving and being queer?

Yes :( i cant help it

sooooooooooooooooooooooo moving on thanks for todays talk and goodbye

Sam White Everybody................. (silence Tumbleweed)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Hero Of The Weeeeek!

Hero Of The Week

This weeks hero is the legendary brother of soul- James Brown

James Brown is this weeks hero because of the great song. Living in America.

Well done James Claps All Around .... ... (claps)....

Monday, December 27, 2004

His Life Was a One In A Million Shot.
""The Real Story Of An American Hero""
From boxing clubs of the backstreets, to the summit of his sport; from unkown fighter, to symbol of american defiance- Rocky is a hero of his age, and his story, and epic tale for our times.
Staying in tune with the "HERO" them of the blog, i have decided to add this fictional character Mr Rocky Balboa.
Rocky Balboa was an american hero through his boxing antics.
If you have not seen any of the rocky anthology. Movies or 5 then you have wasted your life.
"The greatest films by far" QUOTE Sir Damien Carpenter.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lionel Hutz The Greatest Lawyer

Here are some of Lionel Hutz Famous Quotes:

Well, he's kind of had it in for me ever since I accidentally ran over his dog. Actually, replace "accidentally" with "repeatedly," and replace "dog" with "son."

This is the greatest case of false advertising I've seen since I sued the movie The Never Ending Story.

Lionel Hutz: Well, I didn't win. Here's your pizza.
Marge: But we did win. Lionel
Hutz: That's okay. The box is empty

Lionel Hutz: Mr. Simpson, I don't use the word 'hero' lightly, but you are the greatest hero in American history.
Homer: Woohoo.

Judge: Mr. Hutz, are you aware you're not wearing any pants?
Lionel Hutz: Uh, your Honor, can I call for one of those bad trial thingys?
Judge: You mean a mistrial?
Lionel Hutz: Yeah ... that's why you're the judge, and I am the law ... talkin' ... guy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Theres A Woody In My Boot

My good friend Phalis brought me a new dolly, this isnt the exact dolly but my dolly does talk. it says.

Yee Ha
I Lhuve cowboy camp
Hey partner wana see me do a rope trick

Thank You Phalis for this wonderfull christmas present but i really would of been happier with buzz lightyear.